Command Reference : Matrix Language Reference
Extract rowvector from matrix object.
Syntax: @rowextract(m, n)
m: matrix, sym
n: integer
Return: vector
Extract a vector from row n of the matrix object m, where m is a matrix object.
Note that we recommend that extraction be performed using the newer “.row” object data member functions. See “Matrix Data Members” “Sym Data Members” and the examples below.
matrix m1 = @mnrnd(20, 5)
vector v1 = @rowextract(m1,3)
extracts row 3 from the matrix M1.
sym s1 = @mnrnd(20)
vector v2 = @rowextract(s1, 5)
Alternately, using the data member functions, we have
vector v1a = m1.@row(3)
vector v1b = s1.@row(5)
See “Matrix Data Members” “Sym Data Members”.
See also @columnextract and @subextract.