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Assign add factors to equations.
model_name.addassign(options) equation_spec
where equation_spec identifies the equations for which you wish to assign add factors. You may either provide a list of endogenous variables, or you can use one of the following shorthand keywords:
All equations.
All stochastic equations (no identities).
All identities.
The options identify the type of add factor to be used, and control the assignment behavior for equations where you have previously assigned add factors. addassign may be called multiple times to add different types of add factors to different equations. addassign may also be called to remove existing add factors.
Intercept shifts (default).
Variable shift.
None—remove add factors.
Change existing add factors to the specified type—if the “c” option is not used, only newly assigned add factors will be given the specified type.
m1.addassign(v) @all
assigns a variable shift to all equations in the model.
m1.addassign(c, i) @stochastic
changes the stochastic equation add factors to intercept shifts.
m1.addassign(v) @stochastic
m1.addassign(v) y1 y2 y2
m1.addassign(i) @identity
assigns variable shifts to the stochastic equations and the equations for Y1, Y2, and Y3, and assigns intercept shifts to the identities.
See “Using Add Factors”. See also “Models” for a general discussion of models.
See Model::addinit.