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Merge equations from an estimated equation, model, pool, system, or var object.
If you supply only the object’s name, EViews first searches the current workfile for the object containing the equation. If the object is not found, EViews looks in the default directory for an equation or pool file (.DBE). If you want to merge the equations from a system file (.DBS), a var file (.DBV), or a model file (.DBL), include the extension in the command and an optional path when merging files. You must merge objects to a model one at a time; merge appends the object to the equations already existing in the model.
model_name.merge(options) object_name
Follow the keyword with a name of an object containing estimated equation(s) to merge.
Merge an ASCII text file.
mod1.merge eq2
mod1.merge(t) c:\data\test.txt
The first line makes a model named MOD1 from EQ1. The second line merges (appends) EQ2 to MOD1 and the third line further merges (appends) the text file TEST from the specified directory.