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Panel Data Analysis
EViews provides various degrees of support for the analysis of data in panel structured workfiles.
There is a small number of panel-specific analyses that are provided for data in panel structured workfiles. You may use EViews special tools for graphing dated panel data, perform unit root or cointegration tests, or estimate various panel equation specifications.
Alternately, you may apply EViews standard tools for by-group analysis to the stacked data. These tools do not use the panel structure of the workfile, per se, but used appropriately, the by-group tools will allow you to perform various forms of panel analysis.
In most other cases, EViews will simply treat panel data as a set of stacked observations. The resulting stacked analysis correctly handles leads and lags in the panel structure, but does not otherwise use the cross-section and cell or period identifiers in the analysis.
Discussion of specific features may be found in:
“Panel Estimation”.
“Panel Cointegration Estimation”.
“Panel Statistics”.