User’s Guide : Extending EViews : Add Menu Items and Object Classes
Add Menu Items and Object Classes
EViews Add-ins and user objects allow complete customization of your EViews environment, allowing you to add menu items, and define new object classes.
Add-ins are simply EViews programs that are integrated into the EViews menus and command line, allowing you to execute the programs using the menus or by user-defined command. In this regard, any EViews program can be used as the basis of an Add-in.
If you do not wish to create and program your own Add-ins, you may take advantage of them by installing prepackaged Add-ins from the S&P EViews website or from third-parties. Once installed, Add-ins can provide you with user-defined features that are virtually indistinguishable from built-in EViews features.
See “Add-ins” for details.
An EViews user object allows you to create your own object types inside of EViews. A user object may be as simple as a storage container for other EViews objects, or it may be a sophisticated new estimation object defined by multiple EViews programs, with views containing post-estimation tests and results, and procedures producing output from the estimation results.
As with Add-ins, if you do not wish to go to the trouble of creating your own objects, you may still take advantage of this powerful tool by using user objects downloaded from the S&P EViews website or obtained from third-parties.
See “Add-ins”.