Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Spool
Append objects to a spool.
spool_name.append(options) object_list
where object_list is a list of one or more objects to be appended to the spool. You may specify a view for each object, otherwise the default view will be used.
Set the names of the objects in the spool. arg is a space delimited list of new names for the list of objects being added to the spool. If this option is omitted, the names will be UNTITLED01, UNTITLED02, etc.
Will remove any existing objects with the same name when used in conjunction with the name=arg option.
To insert a line graph view of series SER1 and a bar graph view of SER2 as the last objects in SPOOL01:
spool01.append ser1.line ser2.bar
To replace a preexisting object X in SPOOL01 with the line graph view of series SER1:
spool01.append(name=X, mode=overwrite) ser1.line
For additional discussion of spools see “Spool Objects”. See also Spool::insert and Spool::remove.