Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Spool
Set display mode for graphs in the spool.
spool_name.graphmode(options) [size_arg]
where size_arg is an optional size argument (in virtual inches) used for the “fixed” and “variablelimit” modes, and the options are used to specify the mode. If size_arg is not provided, the default setting will be used.
type=arg (default=“fixed”)
where arg is “fixed”, “variable”, or “variablelimit”.
The “fixed” mode specifies the width of all graph objects in the spool, while “variable” allows graphs to be displayed at their native sizes. The “variablelimit” mode allows graphs to be displayed at native sizes unless their widths exceed a specified limit value.
spool01.graphmode(type=fixed) 5
sets all graphs to be displayed at a fixed size of 5 virtual inches, while
displays graphs at their native sizes.
allows graphs to be displayed at their native sizes unless they exceed the specified variable limit. Note that native sizes for graphs are a function of the default table font.
For additional discussion of spools see “Spool Objects”.
See also Spool::tablemode.