Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Spool
Change the horizontal indentation size for objects in the spool.
spool_name.horizindent object_arg size_arg
where object_arg is the name or the position of a specific object to which you wish to apply indenting, and size_arg is an new indentation in virtual inches.
spool01.horizindent 1 0.02
spool01.horizindent tab1 0.02
changes the indentation for both the first object in the spool and for TAB1 to 0.02 virtual inches.
To refer to a child object of a spool, you must specify the object’s path. For instance, given a spool SPOOL01 containing the spool SP1 which in turn contains the graph G2:
spool01.horizindent sp1/g2 0.03
also changes the horizontal indentation of G2 in the embedded spool SP1 to 0.03 virtual inches, while
spool01.horizindent sp1 0.03
sets the indentation for the object SP1 to 0.03.
For additional discussion of spools see “Spool Objects”.
See also Spool::leftmargin, Spool::topmargin, Spool::vertspacing.