User’s Guide : Advanced Multivariate Analysis : Factor Analysis : Factor Procedures
Factor Procedures
The factor procedures may be accessed either clicking on the Proc button on the factor toolbar or by selecting Proc from the main factor object menu, and selecting the desired procedure:
Specify/Estimate... is the main procedure for estimating the factor model. When selected, EViews will display the main Factor Specification dialog See “Specifying the Model”.
Rotate... is used to perform factor rotation using the Factor Rotation dialog. See “Rotating Factors”.
Make Scores... is used to save estimated factor scores as series in the workfile. See “Estimating Scores”.
Name Factors... may be used to provide user-specified labels for the factors. By default, the factors will be labeled “F1” and “F2” or “Factor 1” and “Factor 2”, etc. To provide your own names, select Proc/Name Factors... and enter a list of factor names. EViews will use the specified names instead of the generic labels in table and graph output.
To clear a set of previously specified factor names, simply call up the dialog and delete the existing names.
Clear Rotation removes an existing rotation from the object.