Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Group
Group Proc
Loads a dated data table template for the group.
group_name.ddloadtmpl(options) template_name
template_name should be the name of a previously saved dated data table template.
Specify which settings to apply. type=trans loads the column group frequency, data display, table default transformation, and table default frequency conversion settings. type=appear loads the table default appearance settings. This includes the table default fonts, color, header options, label options, and formats. By default both types are loaded.
Load series specific settings. This option is ignored if type=trans is used.
group01.ddloadtmpl template1
loads all table settings from the template template1 and applies them to the dated data table of group GROUP01.
group01.ddloadtmpl(series) template1
loads both table settings and series specific settings from the template.
See “Dated Data Table” for a description of dated data tables and formatting options.
See also dtable and ddtabopts.