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Specifies (or merges) excluded endogenous variables in the active scenario.
model_name.exclude(options) ser1(smpl) ser2(smpl) ...
Follow the exclude keyword with the argument list containing the endogenous variables you wish to exclude from the solution, along with an optional sample for exclusion. If a sample is not provided, the variable will be excluded for the entire solution sample.
Merge into instead of replace the existing exclude list.
actexist = arg
arg may be “t” (true) or “f” (false). When true, EViews will exclude periods for all endogenous variables where values of the actuals exist. (Applies to all endogenous variables, not just those explicitly listed in the proc.)
Re-include a variable (drop from the exclude list).
mod1.exclude fedfunds govexp("1990:01 1995:02")
will create an exclude list containing the variables FEDFUNDS and GOVEXP. FEDFUNDS will be excluded for the entire solution sample, while GOVEXP will only be excluded for the specified sample.
If you then issue the command:
mod1.exclude govexp
EViews will replace the original exclude list with one containing only GOVEXP. To add excludes to an existing list, use the “m” option:
mod1.exclude govexp
The excluded list now contains both GOVEXP and FEDFUNDS.
instructs EViews to keep all existing excludes (the “m” option) in the current active scenario and in addition to exclude all endogenous variables in periods where actuals exist.
See the discussion in “Specifying Scenarios”.
See also Model::override, Model::reinclude, and Model::solveopt.