Object Reference : Object View and Procedure Reference : Model
Solve the model.
solve finds the solution to a simultaneous equation model for the set of observations specified in the current workfile sample.
Note: when solve is used in a program (batch mode) models are always solved over the workfile sample. If the model contains a solution sample, it will be ignored in favor of the workfile sample.
You should follow the name of the model after the solve command. The default solution method is dynamic simulation. You may modify the solution method as an option.
solve first looks for the specified model in the current workfile. If it is not present, solve attempts to fetch a model file (.DBL) from the default directory or, if provided, the path specified with the model name.
solve can take any of the options available in Model::solveopt. Stochastic solution options should be set using Model::stochastic.
solves the model MOD1 using the default solution method.
solves the model NONLIN2 with an extended search of up to 500 iterations.
See “Models” for a discussion of models.
See also Model::model, Model::msg, Model::solveopt, and Model::stochastic.