Object Reference : Graph Creation Commands
Display a seasonal line graph view.
seasplot displays a paneled line graph view of a series or column ordered by season. This view is only available for workfiles with quarterly, monthly, or semi-annual frequencies.
seasplot(options) o1 [o2 o3 ... ]
where o1, o2, ..., are series or group objects.
Plot seasons using multiple overlayed lines.
Template and printing options
Use appearance options from the specified template. template may be a predefined template keyword (“default” - current global defaults, “classic”, “modern”, “reverse”, “midnight”, “spartan”, “monochrome”) or a graph in the workfile.
Use appearance options and copy text and shading from the specified graph.
b / -b
[Apply / Remove] bold modifiers of the base template style specified using the “o=” option above.
w / -w
[Apply / Remove] wide modifiers of the base template style specified using the “o=” option above.
Resets all graph options to the global defaults. May be used to remove existing customization of the graph.
Print the bar graph.
The options which support the “–” may be preceded by a “+” or “–” indicating whether to turn on or off the option. The “+” is optional.
seasplot ipnsa ipnsb
displays a paneled seasonal plot of the series IPNSA and IPNSB.
freeze(gra_ip) ipnsa.seasplot
creates a graph object named GAR_IP that contains the paneled seasonal line graph view of the series IPNSA.
freeze(gra_ip2) ipnsa.seasplot(m)
creates GRA_IP2 containing the multiple line seasonal graph view of the series.
See “Seasonal Graphs” for a brief discussion of seasonal line graphs.
See “Graphing Data” for a detailed discussion of graphs in EViews, and “Templates” for a discussion of graph templates. See Graph::graph for graph declaration and other graph types.
See also Series::seas, Series::x11 and Series::x12.