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Group Proc
Set row-specific options for dated date tables.
This proc sets row specific options for the group’s dated data table view. To set default settings for the dated data table, use the ddtabopts proc.
group_name.ddrowopts(series, row) args
You should provide integers to indicate the series and row number you wish to modify as an option to the command, followed by a list of arguments containing the display options for that row.
Set the transformation method for the row. trans can be: “l”(level), “d”(1 period diff), “yd”(year difference), “pc”(1 period % change), “pca”(1 period % chg-AR), “pcy”(year % chg), “tabdefault” (table default setting), “none” (don’t apply transformation)
Set the frequency conversion method for the row. conv can be “avgtran”(avg then transform), “tranavg”(transform then avg), “sumtran”(sum then transform), “first”(first period), “last”(last period), “tabdefault” (table default setting).
format(fmt= new_format, units=new_units, prefix=” “, suffix=” “, +/-thousand, +/-comma, +/-parens)
Assign a custom prefix/suffix to the number, add a separator (comma or point) to denote thousands, replace a comma with a decimal point, or bracket negative numbers with parenthesis:
fmt can be: “f[.prec]”(fixed decimal), “c[.prec]”(fixed characters), “auto”, “serformat”(series format).
units can be: “N”(native), “P”(percent), “T”(thousands), “M”(millions), “B”(billions), “TR”(trillions)
Add a custom row header containing the quoted text string. To use a blank row, simply leave string empty.
font( “name”, size, +/-b, +/-I, +/-s, +/-u) )
Sets the font, size and style. name should be the name of the font, size should be an integer size value. You may use +b, +i, +s or +u to set bold, italic, strikeout or underline respectively. Use “tabdefault” to use the table default font setting.
Sets the color of the text. arg may be one of the predefined color keywords, or it may be specified using individual red-green-blue (RGB) components using the “@RGB” or “@HEX” functions. The arguments to the @RGB function are a set of three integers from 0 to 255, representing the RGB values of the color. The arguments to the “@HEX” function are a set of six characters representing the RGB values of the color in hexadecimal. Each two character set represents a red, green or blue component in the range '00' to 'FF'. For a description of the available color keywords see “Color definitions”.
Sets a custom row label in place of the series name.
Color definitions
color_arg specifies the color to be employed in the arguments above. The color may be specified using predefined color names, by specifying the individual red-green-blue (RGB) components using the special “@RGB” function, or by specifying the individual red-green-blue (RGB) components in hexadecimal using the special “@HEX” function.
The predefined colors are given by the keywords (with their RGB or HEX equivalents):
@rgb(0, 0, 255)
@rgb(255, 0, 0)
@rgb(255, 168, 168)
@rgb(0, 128, 0)
@rgb(0, 0, 0)
@rgb(255, 255, 255)
@rgb(128, 0, 128)
@rgb(255, 128, 0)
@rgb(255, 255, 0)
@rgb(128, 128, 128)
@rgb(192, 192, 192)
The following examples show the use of dtable, ddtabopts and ddrowopts together to customize dated display tables.
group cgrp cenergy cfood chealth
cgrp.ddtabopts firstfreq(a) secfreq(none) display(year,1)
cgrp.ddrowopts(1,1) transform(l) format(fmt=f.1) customrow("Consumption Indicators")
cgrp.ddrowopts(1,2) transform(pc) format(fmt=f.2, parens) fillcolor(red)
cgrp.ddrowopts(2,2) transform(pcy) format(fmt=f.2) fillcolor(blue)
creates the group CGGRP from the series CENERGY, CFOOD AND CHEALTH, and displays the dated data table for that group. ddtapopts is used to set the first table frequency to annual and the second frequency to none, displaying one year of data per row.
The three ddrowopts commands set display options for CENERGY and CFOOD. For CENERGY the first row is transformed to levels, numbers are displayed to one decimal place, and row is placed above the series with the custom string "Consumption Indicators". The next command adds a red row to CENERGY with the data transformed to 1-period percent changes, rounded to two decimal places, surrounded by parentheses if negative. The last command adds a blue filled row to CFOOD containing 1-year percent changes rounded to two decimal places.
group fgrp houliab hounetworth houassets
fgrp.ddtabopts firstfreq(q) secfreq(a)
fgrp.ddrowopts(1,1) freqconv(avgtran) format(units=t)
fgrp.ddrowopts(3,1) format(fmt=f.0) transform(d) textcolor(blue)
The ddtabopts command sets the table defaults to show blocks of quarterly and annual data in the dated data table. The ddrowopts commands change the way HOULIAB and HOUSALES are displayed in the dated data table view. HOULIAB is set to be averaged then transformed with the units set to thousands. HOUASSETS are set to zero decimal places, transformed to the first period difference and changed to a blue font color.
group ggpr govinv govpurchases govsav
ggpr.ddtabopts qtrformat(qr) nalabel("NA") rowheader(+b)
ggpr.ddrowopts(1,1) transform(pca) freqconv(tabdefault)
ggpr.ddrowopts(2,1) transform(pc) customrow(" ")
ggpr.ddrowopts(3,2) transform(pcy)
The ddtabopts command sets the table defaults to show the quarter in short case roman numerals, then adds an "NA" to any missing data, it also bold the row headers. The ddrowopts command transforms the GOVINV display to percent change annual rate and sets the frequency conversion method to the table default. The proc also sets GOVPURCHASES to percent change, adds a blank row above the data, and adds a transformed 1-year percent change row to GOVSAV.
group igrp natincome persincome dispincome
igrp.ddtabopts font("arial",10) colheader(b)
igrp.ddrowopts(1,1) transform(pca) format(fmt=f.1) textcolor(red)
igrp.ddrowopts(2,1) transform(pca) format(fmt=parens)
igrp.ddrowopts(3,1) transform(pca) customstring("Disp. Income")
The ddtabopts command sets the font to Arial size 10 and bolds the column header. For the series NATINCOME the ddrowopts command transforms the series to percent change annual rate, sets the numerical format to one decimal place, and sets the text color to red. For PERSINCOME the command adds a parenthesis for negative numbers, and for DISPINCOME it adds a custom row above the series containing the text heading “Disp. Income”.
See “Dated Data Table” for a description of dated data tables and formatting options.
See also dtable and ddtabopts.