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Break links in models.
object.unlink spec
unlink breaks equation links in the model. Follow the name of the model object by a period, the keyword, and a specification for the variables to unlink.
The spec may contain either a list of the endogenous variables to be unlinked, the name of an estimation object, or the keyword “@ALL”, instructing EViews to unlink all equations in the model.
Note: if a link is to another model or a system object, more than one endogenous variable may be associated with the link. If the spec contains any of the endogenous variables in a linked model or system, EViews will break the link for all of the variables found in the link.
The expressions:
mod1.unlink @all
mod2.unlink z1 z2
unlink all of equations in MOD1, and all of the variables associated with the links for Z1 and Z2 in MOD2.
See “Models” for a discussion of specifying and solving models in EViews. See also Model::append, Model::merge and Model::solve.