New Features in EViews 13
New Features in EViews 13
EViews 13 features a number of exciting changes and improvements. The following is an overview of the most important new features in Version 13.
Note that in some cases, entries will appear in more than one section as they might otherwise be overlooked by those who may find them to be of interest.
General EViews Interface
Alternative graphical user interface ( “New Panes and Tabs User Interface”).
Dark mode and window positioning options ( “New Window Options”).
Debugging tools for EViews programs ( “Program Debugging”).
Program dependency tracking ( “Program Dependency Logging”).
Jupyter Notebook Support ( “Jupyter Notebook Support”).
Data Handling
Data Handling
Daily data seasonal adjustment ( “Daily Data Seasonal Adjustment”).
New and improved Excel file writing engine ( “New Excel File Writing Engine”).
Enhanced holiday family of functions to return the proportion of an annual event associated with each observation ( “Holiday Functions”).
Updated X-13 Engine (featuring HTML output) ( “Updated X-13 Engine”).
Data Sources and File Formats
Australian Bureau of Statistics SDMX ( “SDMX Databases”).
Deutsche Bundesbank SDMX ( “SDMX Databases”).
Insee SDMX ( “SDMX Databases”).
Trading Economics ( “Trading Economics Databases”).
World Health Organization ( “World Health Organization Databases”).
Matrix Language
Improved data access to matrix object data ( “Simplified Matrix Data Access”)
Improved data import and export from matrix objects ( “New Matrix Import/Export Engine”).
Expanded support for setting and using row and column labeling ( “Matrix Row and Column Labels”).
Graphs and Tables
Line and shade transparency in graphs ( “Graph Line and Shade Transparency”).
Custom graph data labels ( “Custom Graph Data Labels”).
Customizable Geomap labels ( “Customizable Geomap Labels”).
High-low-median colormap preset ( “High-Low-Median Colormap Preset”).
Searching cells within tables ( “Table Search”).
Conditional table cell expressions ( “Conditional Table Cells”).
Fixed row and column display in tables ( “Fixing Rows and Columns in Tables”).
Econometrics and Statistics
Estimation and Analysis
Enhanced Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) support featuring estimation of Nonlinear ARDL models and new diagnostics ( “Linear and Nonlinear ARDL”).
Improved Pool Mean Group (PMG) estimation featuring expanded deterministic trend support, estimation with Nonlinear ARDL terms, and new diagnostics ( “Pool Mean Group (PMG) Estimation”).
Difference-in-Difference (DID) estimation and diagnostics ( “Difference-in-Difference Estimation”).
Enhanced Vector Error Correction (VEC) estimation, featuring improved support for deterministic regressors ( “Enhanced VEC Estimation”).
Bayesian Time-varying Coefficient Vector Autoregression (BTVCVAR) models ( “Bayesian Time-varying Coefficient Vector Autoregression”).
Testing and Diagnostics
Improved cointegration testing, featuring improved support for deterministic regressors ( “Cointegration Testing”).
New diagnostics in ARDL equations ( “Diagnostics in ARDL”).
New diagnostics in panel ARDL/PMG equations ( “Diagnostics in Panel ARDL/PMG”).
Extended VAR/VEC impulse response confidence interval calculation and display ( “Enhanced Impulse Response Display”).
Command Language
List of new and updated global commands ( “Updated Command List”).
List of new and updated object commands and data members ( “Updated Object List”).
List of new and updated functions ( “Updated Function List”).
EViews 12 Compatibility Notes
Compatibility notes for users of EViews 12 and earlier ( “EViews 12 Compatibility Notes”).