Object Reference : Object Command Summary : Numerics
1-step GMM
single equation UII:979, UII:984, C:379, O:110
2sls (Two-Stage Least Squares) UII:963, UII:970, C:507, C:512, O:186, O:545, O:840
diagnostics UII:986
dropped instruments UII:986
in systems UII:1591
instrument orthogonality test UII:987, O:152
instrument summary UII:986, O:125
J-statistic UII:966
nonlinear UII:970
nonlinear with AR specification UII:971
order condition UII:965
panels UII:1918
rank condition UII:965
regressor endogeneity test UII:987, O:88
residuals UII:966
system estimation UII:1621
weak instruments UII:988, O:194
weighted in systems UII:1591, UII:1621
weighted nonlinear UII:971, UII:982
with AR specification UII:967, UII:1033
with MA specification UII:969
with pooled data UII:1885
3sls (Three Stage Least Squares) UII:1591, UII:1622, O:808
64-bit version UI:2108