Object Reference : Object Command Summary : N
na C:635
NA See NAs and Missing data.
Nadaraya-Watson UI:746
get next available object name C:768
make a valid object name C:773
object UI:115
reserved UI:115
test for valid object name C:771
name O:305, O:717
Name field in database query UI:345
Naming objects
spool UI:844
@nan C:570, C:614
NAs UI:195
comparisons C:177
forecasting UII:1049
inequality comparison UI:195
recode C:570, C:614
See also Missing data
test UI:196
testing C:177
@nas C:576
NAs, number of
by category C:568, C:588, C:614
cumulative C:579, C:581, C:607
matrix columns C:698
moving C:583, C:585, C:613
row-wise C:586, C:618
@nasby C:568, C:588, C:614
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data UI:400
Near singular matrix UII:916
binary models UII:1235
logl UII:1499, UII:1507, UII:1509
nonlinear models UII:953, UII:2129
polynomial distributed lag UII:918
RESET test UII:1119
Nearest neighbor regression UI:747, UI:748, O:377
Negation operator (-) C:273
Negative binomial
distribution C:594
Negative binomial count model UII:1275, C:339, O:82
Negative binomial function
CDF C:606
density C:609
inverse CDF C:616
random number generator C:618
@neqna UI:196, C:83, C:568, C:614, C:657
Network proxy server UI:2106
Newey-West automatic bandwidth
cointegrating regression UII:1173, C:325, C:327, C:328, O:74, O:77, O:78
GMM estimation UII:984, O:112
long-run covariance estimation UI:635, UII:2157
panel cointegrating regression 1:1977
robust standard errors C:307, C:424, C:510, O:56, O:131, O:184
system GMM UII:1625
Newey-West consistent covariance
cointegrating regression UII:1173
GLM estimation UII:1292
GMM estimation UII:984
panel cointegrating regression 1:1977
robust standard errors UII:939
system GMM UII:1625
Newton’s method UII:1828, UII:2135, 1:254
Newton-Raphson UII:2131, UII:2133, C:422, O:52, O:61, O:129
next C:773
nnfit O:377
NOAA data UI:400
Noninvertible MA process UII:1020, UII:1032
Nonlinear coefficient restriction
Wald test UII:1081
Nonlinear least squares UII:945
coefficient covariance UII:948
convergence criterion UII:949
forecast standard errors UII:1051
iteration option UII:949
optimization method option UII:949
pool estimation O:527
single equation estimation C:421, C:427, O:128, O:145
specification UII:947
starting values UII:950
system estimation O:829
two stage UII:970
two stage with AR specification UII:971
var estimation C:385, O:118, O:913, O:938
weighted UII:952
weighted two stage UII:971, UII:982
with AR specification UII:952, UII:1033
Nonnested tests UII:1131
Nonparametric kernel
technical details UII:2152
Non-unique identifiers UI:295
@norm C:731
Norm of a matrix C:731
Normal distribution C:594
multivariate C:596
random number C:636, C:729, C:731, C:737
Normal function
CDF C:606
density C:609
inverse CDF C:616
random number generator C:614, C:618
Normality test UI:428, UI:441, UII:1088, UII:1148, UII:1648, C:388, O:624
System O:827
VAR UII:1648, O:935
Normalize formula UI:200
Normal-Wishart prior O:913
Not equal to comparison C:275
matrix element by element C:718
@now C:113, C:658
Nowcasting II:1209, C:427, O:145
@nper C:573, C:614
@nrnd C:614
nrnd C:636, C:731
N-step forecast test UII:1122
N-step GMM
single equation UII:979, UII:984, C:379, O:110
Null hypothesis UII:1069
Number format
See Display format
Number of periods
annuity C:573, C:614
converting from strings C:82, C:671
formatting in tables C:59
formatting in tables See also Display format
relational comparison UI:190
N-way table UI:617, O:365
chi-square tests UI:615