Object Reference : Object Command Summary : L
See Label object
label O:12, O:24, O:125, O:215, 0:254, O:301, O:370, O:408, O:425, O:452, O:487, O:526, O:566, O:578, O:585, O:627, O:714, O:740, O:762, O:768, O:793, O:828, O:857, O:884, 0:892, O:900, O:936, O:981
Label object UI:116
alpha O:12
automatic update option UI:2095
capitalization UI:116
coef O:24
equation O:125
factor O:215
geomap 0:254
graph O:301
group O:370
logl O:425
matrix O:452
model O:487
pool O:526
rowvector O:566
sample O:578
scalar O:585
series O:627
spool O:714
sspace O:740
string O:762
svector O:768
sym O:793
system O:828
table O:857
text O:884
user object 0:892
valmap O:900
var O:936
vector O:981
Label values O:633
alpha O:14
LAD UII:1471
output UII:1474
performing in EViews UII:1471
quantile process views UII:1477
dynamic assignment UI:199
exclusion test UII:1646, O:960
forecasting UII:1054
matrix C:727
panel data UII:1899
series UI:191
specify as range C:782
VAR lag order selection O:937
@lag C:571, C:727
Lag length
VAR UII:1647
Lag operator C:571
Lag structure
VAR UII:1646
Lagged dependent variable
and serial correlation UII:993
Durbin-Watson statistic UII:1002
Lagged dependent variable models
Lagged series in equation UII:901
laglen O:937
Lagrange multiplier
test for ARCH in residuals O:119
test for serial correlation UII:1002, C:302, O:51
Landscape printing C:23
Laplace distribution C:594
Laplace function
CDF C:606
density C:608
inverse CDF C:616
random number generator C:617
Large sample test UII:1069
@last UI:138, C:493, C:723, C:727
Last non-missing
matrix columns C:697
matrix columns index C:696
row-wise C:587, C:617
row-wise index C:587, C:617
vector or series C:727
vector or series index C:723
field in database query UI:347
field in database query UI:347
@lasterrnum C:771
@lasterrstr C:771
@lastmax UII:1902, C:493
@lastmin UII:1902, C:493
@lastsby C:588
Latent variable
binary model UII:1228
censored models UII:1253
ordered models UII:1246
save graph as UI:825, 0:259, O:312
save spool as O:720
save table as O:859
series UI:191
Least absolute deviations estimation See LAD
Least squares
panels UII:1916
See also Equation.
See also OLS.
stepwise C:499, O:172
@left C:84, C:654
leftmargin O:715
appearance and placement O:302
rename O:305
legend 0:254, O:302
@len C:654
of string C:667
@length C:82, C:654
Length of string C:654
Less than comparison C:275
matrix element by element C:716
Less than or equal to comparison C:275
matrix element by element C:716
Levene test UI:441, O:670
Leverage plots UII:1124, O:134
estimation in presence of high 1:1317
Levin, Lin and Chu UII:1563, C:517, O:675
Likelihood UII:908
Likelihood specification UII:1505
Lilliefors test UI:441, O:612
Limit points UII:1249
censored dependent variables UII:1255
make covariance matrix UII:1252
make vector UII:1252
non-ascending UII:1250
Limited dependent variable UII:1227
Limited information maximum likelihood (LIML) See LIML
LIML UII:971, C:413, O:126
Bekker standard errors UII:973
dropped instruments UII:986
estimation of UII:973, C:413, O:126
instrument summary UII:986, O:125
linear objective UII:972
minimum eigenvalue UII:972, UII:975
nonlinear objective UII:972
weak instruments UII:988, O:194
liml C:413, O:126
line O:1022
Line break (programs) C:120
Line drawing UI:796, O:293
Line graph UI:707, O:1022
Line numbers
in program C:120
frequency conversion method UI:173, UI:174, C:334
interpolation O:626
Linearity tests
smooth transition UII:1385, UI:1415
linefit O:371
Link UI:241, O:405
attribute setting O:415
basic concepts UI:241
breaking UI:268
convert to ordinary series C:465, C:517, C:552
create by command UI:263
create by copy-and-paste UI:118
creation UI:255
data from foreign formats UI:36, UI:43, UI:150, UI:154
data members O:405
declare O:409
frequency conversion UI:251, UI:262
match merging UI:242
modifying UI:267
procs O:405
specification O:409
to databases UI:332, UI:333
working with UI:265
link 0:255, O:409
Link function UII:1290, UII:1307
Linked equations in models UII:1798
Linking objects from Excel and other file formats UI:36, UI:43, UI:150, UI:154
Linking objects to Excel, Word See OLE.
linkto O:409
specifying equation by UII:900
list O:762
frequency conversion method UI:173, UI:176, C:334
Litterman/Minnesota prior O:913
Ljung-Box Q-statistic UI:450, O:608
serial correlation test UII:1002
LM test
auxiliary regression UII:1089, UII:2142
serial correlation UII:1002, UII:1089
LMMP test for random effects UII:1949, O:163
Lo and MacKinlay variance ratio test UII:1569, O:680
workfile UI:69, C:530
load 0:256
Loadings UII:2056, O:216
@loadprgini C:772
samples C:163
subroutine C:162
variable C:159
Local optimum UII:2129
Local regression UI:748
save data O:362
Local weighting option UI:749
LOESS UI:748, UI:749
save data O:362
Log C:139
See Logarithm.
@log C:569, C:611
Log likelihood
See also Logl.
average UII:1232
censored models UII:1254
exponential UII:1277
for binary models UII:1228
for regression (normal errors) UII:908
negative binomial UII:1275
normal UII:1277
ordered models UII:1247
Poisson model UII:1275
restricted UII:1232
truncated models UII:1263
Log normal function
CDF C:606
density C:609
inverse CDF C:616
random number generator C:617
Log window C:139
@log10 C:570, C:611
arbitrary base C:570, C:612
base-10 C:570, C:611
difference C:571, C:609
natural C:569, C:611
logclear C:415, C:416
Logical expression UI:190
in easy query UI:343
distribution C:594
logit function C:591
Logistic function 1:1319
CDF C:606
density C:609
inverse CDF C:616
random number generator C:617
Logistic regression UII:1288
@logit C:591
logit C:416, O:128
Logit models UII:1230, C:303, C:416, O:52, O:128
Logl UII:1495, O:417
analytical derivatives UII:1500
append specification line O:419
attribute setting O:430
check user-supplied derivatives O:421
coefficient covariance O:422
convergence UII:1507
data members O:418
declare O:426
derivatives UII:1500
display gradients O:424
errors UII:1508
estimation UII:1502
examples UII:1510
gradients UII:1506
limitations UII:1509
method O:417
order of evaluation UII:1499
parameters UII:1498
procs O:198, O:417
specification UII:1497
starting values UII:1503
statements O:417
step size UII:1501
troubleshooting UII:1508
views UII:1505, O:197, O:417
logl O:426
logmode C:417
logmsg C:419
Log-normal distribution C:594
logsave C:420
@logx C:570, C:612
Long name UI:115
for series UI:459
Long-run covariance UII:2151, O:371, O:628
cointegrating regression UII:1173
GMM estimation UII:984
group UI:632
panel cointegrating regression 1:1977
series UI:451
technical discussion UII:2151
Long-run relationships
ARDL models II:1190
Long-run varianceSee Long-run covariance
exit loop C:153, C:766
for C:767
for (control variables) C:146
for (scalars) C:148
for (string variables) C:149
if C:769
nest C:148
over matrix elements C:147, C:148, C:281
while C:146, C:150, C:793
Lotus file C:530, C:546, C:554
export coef vector to file O:31
export data to file C:546, C:554
export matrix to file O:467
export pool data to file O:552
export rowvector to file O:574
export sym to file O:802
export vector to file O:989
open C:530
@lower C:87, C:655
Lowercase C:655
LOWESS UI:748, UI:749
save data O:362
LR statistic UII:1083, UII:1232, UII:1261, UII:1262, UII:1278, O:38
QLR UII:1282
lrcov O:371
lrvar O:628
ls C:385, C:421, O:118, O:128, O:527, O:829, O:913, O:938
@ltrim C:86, C:656
lvageplot O:134