Object Reference : Object Command Summary : O
Object UI:101
active 1:215
allow multiple untitled UI:2091
assignment C:19
basics UI:102
closing untitled UI:2091
command C:21
containers C:26
copy UI:117, C:29, C:331
create UI:105
create using freeze C:368
data UI:102, UI:123
declaration C:20
delete UI:119, C:31, C:352
display name See Display name.
display output in window O:8
fetch from database or databank C:31, C:360, O:522
freeze UI:119
get next available object name C:768
icon UI:103
label See Label object
make a valid name C:773
naming UI:116
open UI:106
output display 1:216
placeholder 1:215
preview UI:107, UI:333, C:469
print UI:119, C:470
procedure UI:103
rename C:30, C:477
sample UI:145
save C:31
show UI:107
store UI:120, C:31, C:500
store pool O:542
test for existence C:770
test for valid name C:771
type UI:104
window UI:112
Object linking and embedding
See OLE.
Objects menu UI:115
@obs C:576, C:614
@obsby C:568, C:588, C:615
Observation equation UII:1754, UII:1759
Observation graphs UI:664, UI:707
missing values UI:664
Observation identifiers UI:312
Observation number UI:128
Observation scale UI:695
Observations, number of C:576, C:614
by category C:568, C:588, C:615
cumulative C:579, C:581, C:607
matrix columns C:699
maximum UI:2107
moving C:583, C:585, C:613
row-wise C:586, C:618
observed O:224
@obsid UII:1898, C:628
@obsnum C:621
panel observation numbering UII:1898
@obsrange C:621
@obssmpl C:622
ODBC UI:36, C:530
OLE 1:865
copy special 1:892
embedding (definition) 1:866
linking (definition) 1:866
paste EViews object 1:870
pasting graphs 1:867
pasting numerical data 1:881
pasting with the workfile sample 1:888
push updates from alpha O:14
push updates from coef O:24
push updates from equation O:150
push updates from factor O:224
push updates from graph O:306
push updates from group O:373
push updates from link object O:415
push updates from logl O:429
push updates from matrix object O:456
push updates from model O:493
push updates from pool O:534
push updates from rowvector O:567
push updates from sample object O:579
push updates from scalar object 0:258, O:586
push updates from series O:634
push updates from spool O:717
push updates from sspace O:747
push updates from string object O:763
push updates from svector O:769
push updates from sym O:794
push updates from system O:833
push updates from table O:858
push updates from text object O:885
push updates from user object 0:894
push updates from valmap O:901
push updates from VAR O:948
push updates from vector O:982
using 1:866
OLEDB Driver C:180
olepush O:14, O:24, O:150, O:224, 0:258, O:306, O:373, O:415, O:429, O:456, O:493, O:534, O:567, O:579, O:586, O:634, O:717, O:747, O:763, O:769, O:794, O:833, O:858, O:885, 0:894, O:901, O:948, O:982
OLS (ordinary least squares)
See also Equation.
adjusted R-squared UII:907
coefficient standard error UII:906
coefficient t-statistic UII:906
coefficients UII:905
pool estimation O:527
single equation estimation C:421, O:128
standard error of regression UII:908
stepwise C:499, O:172
sum of squared residuals UII:908
system estimation UII:1590, UII:1619, O:829
var estimation C:385, O:118, O:913, O:938
Omitted variables test UII:1083, UII:1118, C:506, O:178, O:544
panel UII:1941
OneDrive UI:84, C:310, C:533, C:550
@ones C:732
Ones matrix C:732
One-step forecast test UII:1122
One-step GMM
single equation UII:979, UII:984, C:379, O:110
One-way frequency table UI:444, O:9, O:365, O:621
database UI:327, C:343, C:348
foreign data as matrix UI:161, C:400, O:446, O:560, O:787, O:975
foreign data as table UI:161, UI:838, C:407
foreign source data C:390, C:530
multiple objects UI:106
object UI:106
options UI:323
text or program files C:430
workfile UI:69, C:530
open C:430
Operator UI:187, C:567
arithmetic UI:187
conjunction (and, or) UI:190
difference UI:192
lag UI:191
lead UI:191
parentheses UI:188
relational UI:190, C:79
methods UII:2126, C:422, O:52, O:61, O:129
Optimization (user-defined) 1:243
analytical gradients 1:246, C:433
controls 1:243, C:431
examples 1:249
gradients 1:246, C:433
Hessian 1:247, C:433, C:434
least squares 1:245
maximization 1:245
maximum likelihood 1:245
method 1:245
minimization 1:245
numeric derivatives 1:247
objective 1:243, C:431
parameters 1:243, C:431
starting values 1:246
status messages 1:249
step method 1:248, 1:257
technical details 1:254
termination 1:258
Optimization algorithms
first derivative methods UII:2132
Gauss-Newton UII:2133, C:422, O:52, O:61, O:129
Goldfeld-Quandt UII:2132
grid search UII:2134
Marquardt UII:2133
Newton-Raphson UII:2131, C:422, O:52, O:61, O:129
second derivative methods UII:2131
starting values UII:2127
step size UII:2133
optimize 1:243, 1:245, C:431
Option settings
allow only one untitled UI:2091
backup workfiles UI:66, UI:2100
date notation UI:2094
default fonts UI:2094
EViews sessions on open UI:2092
external program interface UI:2105
fonts UI:2094
frequency conversion UI:2094
keyboard focus UI:2092
messages UI:2089
network proxy server UI:2106
print setup UI:2110
program execution mode UI:2102
replace C:437
save to new location C:436
series auto label UI:2095
snapshots UI:2093
spreadsheet data display UI:2098
spreadsheet view defaults UI:2097
start page UI:2089
warn on close UI:2091
window appearance UI:2090
in programs C:143
options 0:258, 0:266, O:306, O:718
@optiter 1:249
@optmessage 1:249
Optmization (user-defined) I:861
optsave C:436
optset C:437
@optstatus 1:249
or C:568, C:615
Or operator UI:139, UI:190
Order condition
2sls UII:965
Order of evaluation C:273
logl UII:1499
Order of stacked data UII:1851
ordered C:438, O:150
Ordered dependent variable UII:1246
error messages UII:1250
estimating models with C:438, O:150
estimation UII:1247
expectation-prediction tables UII:1250
forecasting UII:1252
limit points UII:1252
log likelihood UII:1247
make vector of limit points from equation O:139
variable frequencies UII:1250, O:85
views UII:1250
Ordinary residual
binary models UII:1241
censored models UII:1259
count models UII:1278
GLM UII:1301
truncated models UII:1264
Orientation UI:662
Orthogonal regression UI:750
Orthogonality condition UII:976, UII:1624
orthogtest O:152
@otod C:90, C:91, C:658
@otods C:91, C:658
@outer C:732
Outer product C:732
detection of UII:1124, UII:1125, O:124, O:134
detection of in X-13 UI:477, O:699
robust estimation in presence of 1:1317
display estimation results C:439, O:153, O:747
display factor results O:225
display logl results O:429
display pool results O:534
display system results O:833
display VAR results O:949
printing C:22
redirection C:439, C:774, C:775
output C:439, O:153, O:225, O:429, O:534, O:747, O:833, O:949
Over identification UII:976
Overdispersion UII:1276, UII:1284, UII:1313
specification test UII:1279
override O:493
Override variables in model solution O:493