Object Reference : Object Command Summary : R
R I:861, C:183
R project I:861, C:183
Ramsey RESET test UII:1118, C:478, O:165
Random components test UII:1949, O:163
Random effects
LM test for UII:1949, O:163
panel estimation UII:1916
pool UII:1865
pool descriptions UII:1881
test for correlated effects (Hausman) UII:1947, O:163, O:536
view O:88
Random number
generator for normal C:636, C:729, C:731, C:737
generator for uniform C:638, C:730, C:738
generators C:592
integer C:478
seed C:479
Random walk UII:1519
range C:474
ranhaus O:163, O:536
@rank C:734
Rank (matrix) C:734
Rank condition for identification UII:965
observations in series or vector UI:194, C:577, C:616
@ranks UI:194, C:577, C:616, C:735
@rate C:573, C:616
Rate for annuity C:573, C:616
Ratio to moving-average UI:523
RATS data
4.x native format UI:406, C:349
importing C:390
open C:530
portable format UI:407, C:349
@rbeta C:616, C:617
@rbinom C:616
@rchisq C:616
rcomptest O:163
Read UII:1848, C:390, C:400, C:407, C:530, O:446, O:560, O:787, O:975
data from foreign file C:390, C:474
data from foreign file as matrix UI:161, C:400, O:446, O:560, O:787, O:975
data from foreign file as table UI:161, UI:838, C:407
data from foreign file into coef vector O:25
data from foreign file into matrix O:460
data from foreign file into pool O:536
data from foreign file into rowvector O:567
data from foreign file into sym O:795
data from foreign file into vector O:982
read C:474, O:25, O:460, O:536, O:567, O:795, O:982
Reading EViews data (in other applications) UI:164, C:179
Rebuild database UI:353
Recession shading 1:202
Reciprocal C:569, C:611
matrix element by element C:719
@recode C:570, C:616
Recode values C:569, C:570, C:610, C:616
Recording user actions C:3
adding to a graph O:279
Recursive coefficient UII:1123
save as series UII:1123
Recursive estimation
least squares UII:1119
using state space UII:1762
Recursive least squares UII:1119, O:167
CUSUM of squares O:168
Recursive residual UII:1119, UII:1120
CUSUM of squares UII:1121
n-step forecast test UII:1122
one-step forecast test UII:1122
save as series UII:1123
Redirect output to file C:22, C:439
equation O:153
logl O:429
pool O:534
sspace O:747
system O:833
var O:949
reduced O:232
Reduced covariance UII:2056, O:232
Redundant fixed effects test O:95
pool O:525
Redundant variables test UII:1084, C:507, O:179, O:545
panel UII:1943
Regime probabilities 1:1453, UI:1738
outputting 1:1454, UI:1740, O:142, O:166, O:943, O:953
Regime switching 1:1436
Registry UI:339
See also Equation.
adjusted R-squared UII:907
breakpoint estimation 1:1337, C:305, O:54
coefficient standard error UII:906
coefficients UII:905
collinearity UII:916
forecast UII:1041
F-statistic UII:909
functional coefficients UI:1423
line on graph UI:742
log likelihood UII:908
quantile UII:1471
residuals from UII:914
standard error of UII:908
sum of squared residuals UII:908
t-statistic for coefficient UII:906
make group containing from equation O:140
Regular data UI:271
reinclude O:495
Relational operators
and missing values UI:195
field in database query UI:347
remove O:719
Removing data UI:302
Rename UI:115
database UI:351, C:351
object C:30, C:477
objects in database UI:335
page UI:79, C:454
workfile page UI:79, C:454
rename C:477
columns of a matrix using vector of ranks C:736
page UI:79
rows of a matrix C:733
rows of a matrix using vector of ranks C:694, C:701
Repair database UI:353
@replace C:86, C:659
replace O:495
replacelink O:496
Replacement variable C:133
naming objects C:135
replacevar O:497
Representations view
equation UII:912, O:164
pool O:539
system O:835
VAR O:950
Reproduced covariance O:206
Resample UI:467
observations O:380, O:640
rows from matrix C:736
@resample C:736
resample O:380, O:640
Reserved names UI:115
reset C:478, O:165
RESET test UII:1118, C:478, O:165
Reset timer C:511
Reshaping a workfile UI:306, C:463
residcor O:539, O:748, O:835, O:950
residcov O:540, O:748, O:836, O:951
resids O:165, O:233, O:540, O:749, O:836, O:952
binary models UII:1241
censored dependent variable models UII:1258
correlation matrix of O:539, O:748
system O:835
VAR O:950
count models UII:1278
covariance matrix (pool) O:540
covariance matrix of O:233, O:748
covariance matrix of in system O:836
covariance matrix of in VAR O:951
default series RESID UII:914
display of in equation UII:914, O:165
display of in pool O:540
display of in sspace O:749
display of in system O:836
display of in VAR O:952
estimation in presence of large 1:1317
from estimated equation UII:914
from two stage least squares UII:966
generalized UII:1241, UII:1259, UII:1265, UII:1278
GLM UII:1301
make series or group containing UII:913, O:141, O:531, O:743, O:832, O:943
of equation UII:912
ordinary UII:1241, UII:1259, UII:1264, UII:1278
plot UII:912
plots of UII:1124, O:134
pool UII:1877
recursive UII:1119, UII:1120
standardized UII:912, UII:1241, UII:1259, UII:1264, UII:1278
studentized UII:1125, O:124
sum of squares UII:908
symmetrically trimmed UII:1261
system UII:1607
tests of UII:1087
truncated dependent variable UII:1264
unconditional UII:1019
page C:463
spools UI:847
table columns and rows UI:832
workfile UI:283, UI:296
Restricted estimation UII:902
Restricted log likelihood UII:1232
Restricted VAR
clear restriction text O:916
set restriction text O:909
Restructuring UII:1850, C:463
display or retrieve UII:910, O:166, O:430, O:541, O:749, O:837, O:953
results O:166, O:430, O:541, O:749, O:837, O:953
return C:775
Reverse sweep operator C:740
revert O:497
@rexp C:617
@rfdist C:617
@rfirst C:587, C:617
@rgamma C:617
@RGB specification of colors 0:250, 0:258, 0:265, 0:267, O:274, O:278, O:280, O:284, O:288, O:295, O:298, O:303, O:311, O:319, O:327, O:354, O:359, O:387, O:396, O:652, O:661, O:862
@rged C:617
rgmprobs O:166, O:953
Rich Text Format UI:837
See RTF.
@rifirst C:587, C:617
@right C:84, C:659
@rilast C:587, C:617
@rimax C:587, C:617
@rimin C:587, C:617
@rinstr C:660
@riwish C:617
@riwishc C:617
@riwishi C:617
@riwishic C:617
@rlaplace C:617
@rlast C:587, C:617
@rlogistic C:617
@rlognorm C:617
rls O:167
@rmax C:587, C:617
@rmean C:586, C:617
@rmin C:587, C:617
@rmnorm C:617
@rmnormc C:608, C:609, C:617, C:618
@rmnormi C:617
@rmnormic C:617
RMSE UI:453, UII:1052
@rmse C:577
@rnas C:586, C:618
rnd C:638, C:738
rndint C:478
rndseed C:479
@rnegbin C:618
@rnorm C:618
Rn-squared statistic
definition 1:1321
@robs C:586, C:618
Robust least squares 1:1317, C:481, O:169
Andrews function 1:1318
Bisquare function 1:1318
Cauchy function 1:1318
covariance O:169
example 1:1330
Fair function 1:1318
Huber function 1:1319
Logistic function 1:1319
Median function 1:1319
M-estimation 1:1317, O:170
MM-estimation O:170
S-estimation O:170
Talworth function 1:1319
weight functions O:170
Welsch function 1:1319
Robust regression
See also Robust least squares.
Robust regression See Robust least squares.
Robust standard errors UII:926
Bollerslev-Wooldridge for GARCH UII:1144
cluster UI:52, UII:933
clustered UII:1917
GLM UII:1283, UII:1292
Huber-White (QML) UII:1283, UII:1292
robustls C:481, O:169
Robustness iterations UI:744, UI:749
Rolling regression
user object example 1:226
Root mean square error UI:453, UII:1052, C:577
Roots of the AR polynomial in VAR O:912
factors UII:2050, UII:2081, O:233
graphs UI:662
rotate O:233
rotateclear O:237
rotateout O:238
Rotation of factors UII:2050, O:233
details UII:2081
Round C:569, C:570, C:606, C:610, C:618
@round C:570, C:618
Roundoff error in for loops C:779
functions UI:207
functions See Row statistics.
height UI:832, C:60
matrix headers O:465
numbers C:739
place in matrix C:738
sort C:740
Row statistics C:585
first non-missing obs C:587, C:617
first non-missing obs index C:587, C:617
last non-missing obs C:587, C:617
last non-missing obs index C:587, C:617
maximum C:587, C:617
maximum index C:587, C:617
mean C:586, C:617
minimum C:587, C:617
minimum index C:587, C:617
NAs, number of C:586, C:618
observations matching value, number of C:586, C:618
Observations, number of C:586, C:618
standard deviation C:586, C:618
sum C:586, C:618
sum of squares C:587, C:618
variance C:586, C:587, C:618
@rowextract C:738, C:739
rowplace C:738
@rows C:90, C:660, C:739
@rowsort C:740
Rowvector O:555
attribute setting O:570
data members O:556
declare O:569
extract from matrix C:738, C:739
filled rowvector function C:720
graph views O:555
indentation O:571
procs O:556
views O:555
rowvector O:569
@rpareto C:618
@rpoisson C:618
adjusted UII:907
for regression UII:907
from two stage least squares UII:967
McFadden UII:1232
negative UII:1146
retrieve from equation O:38
retrieve from system O:806
retrieve from VAR O:906
uncentered UII:1089, UII:1093
with AR specification UII:1019
@rstdev C:586, C:618
@rstdevp C:586, C:618
@rstdevs C:586, C:618
@rsum C:586, C:618
@rsumsq C:587, C:618
@rsweep C:740
@rtdist C:618
RTF UI:837, C:66
create UI:2111
redirecting print to UI:2111
save table to file O:858
save text object to file O:885
@rtrim C:86, C:660
run C:356, C:483
Run program C:356, C:483
application in batch mode C:126
multiple files C:153
@runif C:618
@rvalcount C:586, C:618
@rvar C:586, C:618
@rvarp C:587, C:618
@rvars C:587, C:618
@rweib C:618
@rwish C:618
@rwishc C:618
@rwishi C:618
@rwishic C:618
Rw-squared statistic
definition 1:1321