Object Reference : Object Command Summary : D
d C:571, C:607, C:632
Daniell kernel
cointegrating regression UII:1173, C:325, C:327, C:328, O:74, O:77, O:78
GMM estimation UII:984, C:380, O:112
long-run covariance estimation UI:635, O:372
panel cointegrating regression 1:1977
robust standard errors UII:939, C:307, C:424, C:510, O:56, O:131, O:184
technical details UII:2153
access EViews data C:180
appending more UI:299
custom database support C:189
cut and paste UI:150, UI:162
duplicate observations UI:444
enter from keyboard UI:146, 1:2115, C:343
EViews Database Objects (EDO) C:180
export UI:161, UI:163
Federal Reserve Economic data UI:391
import UI:150, C:390, C:530
import as matrix UI:161, C:400, O:446, O:560, O:787, O:975
import as table UI:161, UI:838, C:407
irregular UI:271
keyboard entry UI:148
pool UII:1848
regular UI:271
remove UI:302
structure UI:271
data C:343
Data members UI:58, C:24
alpha series O:4
coef O:19
equation UI:58, O:37
factor O:198
graph O:272, O:405
group O:332
link O:405
logl O:418
matrix O:435
model O:471
pool O:511
rowvector O:556
sample O:576
scalar O:583
series O:591
spool O:705
sspace O:730
string O:759
svector O:766
sym O:774
system O:806
table O:847
text O:880
user objects 0:888
valmap O:897
VAR O:906
vector O:968
alias UI:340
auto-search UI:341
auto-series UI:339
BEA UI:360
Bloomberg UI:356
BLS UI:364
cache UI:417
copy UI:351, C:28, C:344
copy objects UI:333
create UI:327, C:28, C:346
data storage precision UI:2100
Datastream UI:375
default UI:330
default in search order UI:341
delete UI:351, C:28, C:347
delete objects UI:335
display all objects UI:328
DRIBase UI:375
DRIPro UI:375
Economy.com UI:400
EcoWin UI:376
EIA UI:380
export UI:333
FactSet UI:390
fetch objects UI:331, C:360
fetch using pool O:522
field UI:344
foreign formats UI:353
frequency in query UI:346
group storage options UI:2100
Haver Analytics UI:395, C:386, C:387, C:389
IHS Global Insight UI:396
IHS Magellan UI:397
link UI:332, UI:333, UI:416
link options UI:419
maintenance UI:351
match operator in query UI:345
open UI:327, C:28
open existing C:348
open or create C:343
pack C:350
packing UI:352
previewing contents UI:107
queries UI:341
query function C:600, C:794
rebuild UI:353, C:351
registry UI:2109
rename UI:351, C:28, C:351
rename object UI:335
repair UI:353
sharing violation UI:328
statistics UI:352
store object in C:500
store objects UI:330
store pool in O:542
support for custom C:189
test integrity UI:353
US Census UI:368
using auto-updating series with UI:215
window UI:327
World Bank UI:410
Database registry UI:339, UI:2109
Datastream C:348
Datastream data UI:375
@date C:113, C:622, C:763
Date functions C:622
Date pairs UI:137
Date series UI:224
@dateadd C:111, C:645
@dateceil C:647
Dated data table UI:582, O:364, O:490
create UI:583
customization UI:595, O:352
customize UI:583
data format UI:587
example UI:596
fonts UI:591, O:353
formatting options UI:590, O:353, O:357
frequency conversion UI:589, O:353, O:357
headers UI:593
row options O:353
table options UI:584, O:356
templates UI:595, O:352
transformation methods UI:588, O:353, O:357
Dated import UI:152
@datediff C:111, C:646
@datefloor C:111, C:648
datelabel O:291
@datenext C:649
@datepart C:112, C:649
arithmetic C:111, C:645, C:646, C:647, C:648, C:649, C:656
convert from observation number C:90, C:91, C:658
convert string to date C:651
convert to observation number C:651
converting from numbers C:107
current as string C:667, C:763
current date and time C:113, C:658
current date as a string C:91
date arithmetic C:111
date associated with observation C:113
date numbers C:96
date operators C:110
date strings C:95
default display format UI:2101
display format UI:224
extract portion of C:112, C:649
format in a spreadsheet See Display format
format strings C:97
formatting C:97
@-functions C:113, C:598
functions C:113
global options UI:2094
make from formatted number C:656
match merging using UI:247
rounding C:111
string representations C:89, C:95, C:105, C:650, C:651
two-digit years C:102, C:115
workfile dates as strings C:90, C:113, C:624, C:665
@datestr C:106, C:650
@dateval C:89, C:105, C:651
@day C:113, C:493, C:623
@daycount C:626
count of C:626
db C:343
dbcopy C:344
dbcreate C:346
dbdelete C:347
@dbeta C:608
@dbinom C:608
dbopen C:348
dbpack C:350
dbrebuild C:351
dbrename C:351
@dbvnorm C:608
@dchisq C:608
ddrowopts O:353
ddtabopts O:356
Declaring objects C:20
decomp O:920
database UI:93, UI:330
database in search order UI:341
directory UI:93, UI:2107
set directory UI:83
setting global options UI:2089
update directory UI:83
window appearance UI:2090
define O:518
Delete UI:119
columns in tables O:853
database UI:351, C:347
graph element UI:805
group O:361
objects C:31, C:352
objects from database UI:335
objects using pool identifiers O:519
observation in series UI:132
page UI:79
rows in tables O:853
series using pool UII:1860
spool objects UI:848
table cells O:852
workfile page C:452, C:453, C:545
delete C:352, O:519
deletecells O:852
deletecol O:853
deleteobs O:361
deleterow O:853
@demean C:571, C:608, C:710
Demean data C:571, C:608, C:700, C:710
Demean data by group C:571, C:608
@demeanby C:571, C:608
estimation UI:15
examining data UI:8
forecasting UI:22
getting data into EViews UI:5
specification test UI:18
Den Haan and Levin UII:2158
frequency conversion method UI:173, UI:175, C:334
Dependent variable
frequencies O:85
no variance in binary models UII:1234
depfreq O:85
Derivatives UII:2129, UII:2142
checking UII:1507
default methods UI:2101
description UII:2142
examine derivs of specification O:86, O:818
in equation UII:913
in logl UII:1500
in system UII:1605
make series or group containing O:136
saving in series UII:2146
derivs O:86, O:818
describe O:520
field in database query UI:347
Descriptive statistics UI:191, C:388, O:624, O:988
balanced sample (pool) UII:1856
by classification UI:429, O:666
by group UI:429, O:666
categorical graphs of UI:756
common sample (group) UI:600
common sample (pool) UII:1856
cross-section specific UII:1857
equation residuals O:121
for a series UI:431
@-functions C:573, C:587
functions C:605
graphs of UI:756
group UI:600
individual samples (group) UI:600
individual samples (pool) UII:1856
make series from pool O:532
matrix functions C:691
pool series O:520
pooled UII:1856
See also stats
series UI:426
stacked data UII:1857
tests UI:432
time period specific UII:1857
Deselect all UI:106
@det C:711
Determinant C:711
Deterministic regressors UII:1165
panel 1:1973
columns of matrix C:694, C:700
@detrend C:571, C:608, C:711
Detrend data C:571, C:608, C:711
@dexp C:608
DFBetas UII:1125, O:124
@dfdist C:608
@dgamma C:608
@dged C:608
get main diagonal from a matrix C:722
Diagonal matrix C:727
user-defined C:165
Dickey-Fuller test UII:1524, C:517, O:401, O:549, O:675
See also Unit root tests.
Diebold-Mariano Test UI:454
fractional C:571, C:610
Difference from moving-average UI:523
Difference operator UI:191, UI:192, UII:1009, C:571, C:607
seasonal UI:193, UII:1009
fractional UII:999
@digamma C:590
Digamma function C:590
digraph O:486
change working C:309
EViews add-ins C:762
EViews executable C:766
temporary files C:781
action C:21, O:2
and print C:22
objects C:489
spreadsheet tables See sheet
display O:8, O:22, O:87, O:202, 0:253, O:361, O:423, O:444, O:482, O:521, O:558, O:608, O:708, O:736, O:761, O:767, O:783, O:819, 0:890, O:921, O:972
Display filter UI:49, UI:271
Display format UI:125, C:62
coef O:27
group UI:134, O:388
matrix O:463
rowvector O:570
series O:653
sym O:797
table O:864
vector O:984
Display mode
spools UI:853, O:710, O:723
Display name
alpha O:8
coef O:22
equation O:87
factor O:203
field in database query UI:347
graph O:292, O:293
group O:361
link O:407
logl O:423
matrix O:445
model O:482
pool O:521
rowvector O:558
sample O:578
series O:609
spool O:708
sspace O:736
sym O:761, O:768, O:783
system O:820
table O:854
text O:883
user object 0:891
valmap O:899
var O:922
vector O:973
Display output
alpha O:8, O:482, O:819
coef O:22
equation O:87
factor O:202
group O:361
logl O:423
matrix O:444
pool O:521
rowvector O:558
series O:608
sspace O:736
string O:761
svector O:767
sym O:783
user object 0:890
VAR O:921
vector O:972
displayname O:8, O:22, O:87, O:203, O:292, O:293, O:361, O:407, O:423, O:445, O:482, O:521, O:558, O:578, O:609, O:708, O:736, O:761, O:768, O:783, O:820, O:854, O:883, 0:891, O:899, O:922, O:973
distdata UI:571, O:362, O:610
distplot O:1007
empirical distribution function tests UI:441, O:612
functions C:592
tests UI:441, O:612
Distribution plot UI:733, O:1007
save data UI:571, O:610
Division operator (/) C:275
matrix element by element C:713, C:717
@diwish C:608
@diwishc C:608
@diwishi C:608
@diwishic C:608
@dlaplace C:608
dlog C:571, C:609
@dlogistic C:609
@dlognorm C:609
@dmvnorm C:609
@dmvnormi C:609
@dmvnormic C:609
@dnegbin C:609
@dnorm C:609
do C:353
DOLS See Dynamic OLS (DOLS)
Doornik and Hansen factorization matrix UII:1649
dot O:1014
Dot plot UI:713, O:1014
Double exponential smoothing C:490, O:663
@dpareto C:609
@dpoisson C:609
Drag and drop
existing file onto a new workfile UI:77
existing file onto an existing workfile UI:77
into a model UII:1784
series into a group UI:135
within the same workfile UI:171
text in graph UI:796
draw O:293
Draw arrows in a graph O:273
Draw ellipse in a graph O:277
Draw lines in graph O:293
Draw rectangles in a graph O:279
drawcoefs O:924
drawdefault O:296
drawrescov O:925
DRI database
convert to EViews database C:353
copy from C:309
DRIpro UI:416
fetch series C:312
frequency UI:419
illegal names UI:419
object alias UI:349
queries UI:420
read series description C:314
shadowing of object names UI:350
troubleshooting UI:421
DRIBase database UI:375, C:348
driconvert C:353
DRIPro link UI:375, C:348
@drmvnormc C:609
cross-section from pool definition O:522
series from group O:363
drop O:363, O:483, O:522, 0:891
Dropbox UI:84, C:310, C:533, C:550
droplink O:483
dtable O:364
@dtdist C:609
@dtoc C:651
Dual processor UI:2108
Dumitrescu-Hurlin test II:2011, O:334
Dummy variable C:609
Dummy variables UI:208
as binary dependent variable UII:1227
as censoring point in estimation UII:1256
automatic creation UII:922, C:632, C:639
functions C:598, C:626, C:627
generating pool series dummies UII:1855
pools UII:1855
using @GROUP to create pool dummies UII:1855
@dunif C:609
Dunn-Sidak UI:607
@dupids C:575, C:609, C:712
@duplic C:711, C:712
Duplicate observations UI:444, O:9, O:365, O:611
group identifier C:575, C:609, C:712
number of observations C:575, C:609, C:712
Duplication matrix C:711, C:712
@dupsobs C:575, C:609, C:712
dupsr O:9, O:365, O:611
Durbin's h C:155
Durbin-Watson statistic UII:1001, O:37
demonstration UI:18
for regression UII:908
lagged dependent variable UII:1002
Durbin-Wu-Hausman test UII:987, O:88
@during C:609, C:626
During date interval C:609
@dweib C:609
@dwish C:609
@dwishc C:609
@dwishi C:609
@dwishic C:609
Dynamic forecasting UII:1054, C:366, O:96, O:737
Dynamic OLS (DOLS) UII:1163, UII:1172, C:323, O:72
panel 1:1976, 1:1988
Dynamic panel data UII:1919
Dynamic switching models 1:1441
Dynamic switching regression 1:1440, O:176